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.Net App Development

Microloop is recognised as the best .NET application development services supplier, offering a comprehensive range of efficient and secure high-end services. We have demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate our expertise in designing unique services, applications, and websites. With our.net-powered solutions, you can establish a powerful online presence.

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Top .Net
Development Company

Development Proficiency

Development Proficiency

Hire .net developers who deliver cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.
iOS Development

.NET Development

At Microloop IT, we deliver custom-designed and fully operational apps to expand our clients' customer base and help them reach their sales targets.
Development Expertise

Development Expertise

Microloop IT possesses complete expertise in .net application development, delivering tailored and high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses.
iOS app Support & Maintenance

.NET Web Support & Maintenance

At Microloop IT, we offer extensive consultation and support for a range of .net application development services.
Top .Net
Development Company
Man programming
Light weight
Build Complex Apps
 Net is one of the best frameworks available for developing and running complex business applications with less code, which improves performance and scalability.
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Secure Applications
Because of, app security is easier to maintain. Net has built-in authentication and authorization capabilities.
Easy server-side proxy
Powerful IDE
Microsoft Visual Studio is the world's best and most feature-rich toolbox, providing developers with a rich class library and a drag-and-drop server.
Versatile Cloud Scalability
Language Independence
.Net developers  are always free to choose the best programming language for the application logic.

Hire .Net Developers

Hire our skilled .Net developers and get ready to ‘Corner the market’ by boosting your business

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.Net Development Services

Dekstop and web development

Desktop and Web App Development

We create wireframes and present you with options. You only need to start the coding cycle once.

Custom application development

Custom Application Development

We may remove J2ME and J2EE because they are Java-based technologies and replace them with.NET Core, an open-source alternative to the legacy.NET Framework.

Quick deliveries

.NET Quick Deliveries

Our .Net developers adhere to strict code principles and are eager to provide satisfied services with faster development.

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API Integration development

API Integration Development

We provide highly secure and efficient.NET API solutions tailored to your requirements to ensure uninterrupted A2A/B2B communication.

App Integration

App Integration

We provide effective.NET solutions tailored to your requirements to ensure uninterrupted A2A/B2B communication.

Support and maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Our reactive support hierarchy will give you best-in-classFor your questions and maintenance work, our reactive support hierarchy will provide you with best-in-class service.


Our Success Stories Work 

  • Website Design
  • Mital
    A diamond manufacturing company that revolves around loyal relationships with suppliers, clients, associates, and colleagues.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • UI/UX
  • Website Design
  • Metamap
    MetaMap was developed in 2017 in San Francisco. They now operate globally and are trusted by 400+ builders.
  • UI/UX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Website Design
  • Pal Diamond
    started our journey in 2018; since the day of its establishment, The Pal Diam has perpetually developed to meet the expectations of its believers.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • UI/UX
  • Website Design
  • Bhavani gems
    Bhavani Gems was founded in 1982 by Manji Ruda Dholakia. We emerged as one of the biggest natural diamond manufacturers,
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • UI/UX
  • Graphic dots
    Enquire about your requirements, our digital expertise helps you to achieve top results in any field.
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