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Programming Language to Kickstart Your Career in 2023-24

In today's era, one of the most booming careers in the IT industry is programming language. It holds the promise of shaping individuals' careers, but it is a vast field with various options that can be overwhelming for those at the initial stage of their careers.

The choice of programming language to learn depends on various factors, such as what you want to build, projects you wish to work on, career goals, the path you wish to pursue, and, most importantly, the challenges and the learning experiences you seek.

In this blog, we will give you an introduction to coding language and help you choose the right programming language to help you succeed in the future. Microloop IT Solution USA not only helps their clients build their brands but is also a promising brand for those who seek to see themselves pursuing a wonderful career in the future.

What is a Programming language?

For a layman, programming language is a way developers communicate with computers. Programming language has a set of rules that can be converted into various ways of generating machine code or, in the case of a visual programming language, graphical elements.

Programming language aims to develop desktop applications, websites, and mobile applications.

There are different types of programming languages. Let's explore it one by one:

Low-level programming language is machine-dependent (0-1). The processor here runs low-level programs directly without needing a compiler or interpreter. It is done so that programs written in low-level language can run fast.

High-level programming languages (HLL) are designed to create user-friendly software programs and websites. The programming language will require a compiler or interpreter to translate the program into machine language.

The significant advantage of the programming language is its ease of reading, writing, and maintenance.

The languages include Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and many more.

Choosing the right programming language for beginners:

Let's discuss some popular programming languages in 2023-24 to help you choose the best for your career:


A high-level programming language used for both client and server-side development. The programmers use it to create dynamic websites, animated graphics, servers, and games and implement complex features to make the web pages come to life. It's the most popular programming language with high demand across various organizations.

Merits of JavaScript:

  • Easy to learn and implement
  • It can be used everywhere on the web
  • Flexible and can run within the client-side browser
  • Its syntax is easy to understand
  • Reduces server loading time

JavaScript programming language characteristics:

Scripting language

A powerful scripting language that is designed for immersive web applications. The lightweight, browser-side execution capabilities and tailored libraries are aimed at providing the best possible experience in a variety of scenarios.

Validation of users' input

A form validation is an integral part of the user experience on web pages, that will allow clients to ensure accuracy and users being sure that details have been correctly filled out.

Case sensitive format

Always remember that while using JavaScript capitalization matters. You cannot use lower and upper case both. In case, you use it will result in different results.

1) Python

One of the widely used, user-friendly programming languages is open source and comes with extensive support modules, community development, easy integration with web services, user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop applications. It is a popular programming language that can be used for machine learning, deep learning applications, robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Merits of Python:

- Platform independent means you can write code once and run it anywhere.

- Easily integrates with programming languages like C, C++, and Java.

- It is easy to understand, write and read

- A general-purpose programming language suitable for various industries, whether you are a web developer or a data scientist.

Python Programming language characteristics

Open source

Python language is freely available at the official website from where you can download it as it is open source which means that from the public anyone can download and share it.

Easy to code

An easy-to-use or developer-friendly language as compared to other languages like C, C++, and JavaScript.

Can easily debug

You can easily identify and correct the majority of your program issues once you become efficient in interpreting the errors.

2) Kotlin

Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language that can work with JVM, Android, and Java class libraries.

It was developed to improve the existing Java programming language. Kotlin is mainly used for Android and iOS mobile app development.

Merits of Kotlin:


It is designed to focus on safety, particularly concerning null values. In Java, the null pointer exception is a standard error when the code attempts to access an object with a null reference. Kotlin helps developers prevent common coding errors by distinguishing between references that can hold a null state and those that cannot.


Developers often choose Kotlin as a timesaver because it helps them write concise code, saving time and eliminating redundancy in basic syntax compared to popular languages like Java.

Support from community

A dedicated community that works on building and improving the language and provides documentation. 

Kotlin programming language characteristics

Interoperable with Java

You can easily access the Java code from Kotlin and Kotlin from Java code, this is possible because Kotlin runs on a Java virtual machine (JVM) and makes it totally interoperable with Java.

Data classes

Kotlin programming language has data classes that lead to the auto-generation of boilerplate like

hashCode equals toString and much more.

Safe and concise

It helps you reduce the extra code written in other object-oriented programming languages. Moreover, you can get safety from NullPointerExpectations by supporting nullability as part of its system.

3) PHP

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. An open-source, powerful, server-side scripting language used to create both static and dynamic websites. Developers use it to write command line scripts and programs, with high-level PHP coding skills for developing desktop applications.

PHP is often recommended for beginners due to its ease of development and integration with various tools.

Benefits of PHP:

- Excellent compatibility with cloud services.

- Supports powerful online libraries.

- Easy-to-use programming language that can run on various operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

PHP programming language characteristics


PHP can run on any device - mobile, tablet, or PC and is very compatible with various databases. This will easily integrate and embed into HTML, XML, and JavaScript.

Objective oriented

PHP supports objective-oriented programming features like inheritance, abstraction, and data encapsulation. This feature helps in building complex reusable web pages and making PHP comparable to powerful object-oriented languages like Python and Java.

Independent platform

We can run PHP on any device and any operating system where we can easily connect it with various databases and also is compatible with almost all web servers used today. The cross-platform compatibility makes it the most popular among its users which will save a lot of time and effort.

4) Java

A simple, secure, independent, reliable, high-level programming language that Oracle owns. The language is mainly used to develop bank, retail, Android, big data, research community, and desktop applications.

This programming language has become a standard application that can be used regardless of platform because of WORA capabilities.

Merits of Java:

- It can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

- It is widely recognized for its portability across different platforms, with millions of users running applications built with Java.

-  The strong Java community offers support, collaboration, and assistance to each other in problem-solving.

Java programming language characteristics

Platform independent

Java code can run on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, and others. Because of its capability to operate on different systems, this byte code is platform independent, i.e. - writes once and runs anywhere.


Java is used in a networked and disturbed environment where it includes a classloader that dynamically loads Java classes into Java virtual machines. It improves security by isolating the package from local file system classes from those imported from network sources.


Object-oriented programming language organizes software design around data, rather than functions and logic. It focuses on the objects that developers desire to handle, rather than focusing on logic that is required to manipulate them.

The bottom line

To sum up, we hope we were able to provide the language selection guide for beginners that can give a kickstart to your career. What you need to do is align it with your future goals and start pursuing them the same.

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