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WordPress vs Shopify: Pick One that's Best for Your Business!

Once in a lifetime, everyone has debated WordPress VS Shopify while considering building their website.

Choosing between the two platforms can be very confusing, but a simple thumb of the rules can make it easier. If you're focused on creating an e-commerce platform then go for Spotify other than e-commerce platform then WordPress is the perfect choice.

These are the basic criteria that help you to opt for the correct platform according to your needs. In this blog, we will give you a WordPress and Shopify Overview, their features, and websites for which they are best suited.

Let's get started!

What is WordPress?

WordPress, a versatile platform, has two types:

Self-hosted WordPress

It is an open-source software, which means that code can be edited and customized to suit the specific needs of any project accordingly. Its flexibility makes it adaptable to meet various requirements of any project.

Hosted WordPress

It is a SaaS tool that provides you access to features that simplify the creation and maintenance of a simple website or blog, making it a user-friendly option.

What is Shopify?

A web application that is user-friendly and doesn't require any coding knowledge to create a website. It can be created by any business owner with the help of fixed templates that have already installed themes. This advantage allows users to meet specific business requirements, allowing them to facilitate the sale of both physical and digital goods.

Shopify allows users who possess the coding skills to modify the HTML and CSS of their websites for further customization.

As a SaaS tool, Shopify operates on a which means you don't copy the software but instead pay a monthly fee to utilize its services.

It's time to begin learning about the features and understanding the basis on which the WordPress VS Shopify comparison is made. This will result in helping you understand their applications and why to choose one.

Features of WordPress and Shopify

The first basis of comparison for WordPress Vs Shopify is outlining the features of the respective platforms. Let's start exploring:


▪️ Free and open-source

WordPress is freely available and open source, making it a  popular choice for startups and small businesses who want to establish an online selling platform. Moreover, its adaptable nature allows designers, users, and programmers to alter its code and also grabs opportunities to share ideas that will be helpful for the community.

▪️ Customizable

Business owners prioritize customization and design when building their websites, and WordPress offers extensive options. Users can choose themes and customize headers, footers, product pages, and so on according to their preferences.

▪️ Plugins

Where business owners prefer e-commerce websites on Shopify, there are others for whom WordPress for e-commerce and their plugins are extremely helpful. WordPress offers a vast library of plugins that will enhance the functionality of the website. These plugins cover various factors such as e-commerce features, security enhancement, and contact forms, enabling users to add specific functionalities without coding knowledge.

▪️ Flexible Inventory Management

With the help of WordPress, you can create web stores for selling and tracking both digital and physical products. The feature that makes it attractive is keeping track of current order editing and allows you for day-to-day inventory management, making it an ideal getaway for e-commerce websites.

▪️ Mobile Friendly

WordPress is responsive and mobile friendly, catering to various screen sizes like tablets, phones, and desktops, acknowledging the increasing use of mobile devices among users.

▪️ SEO Friendly

The help of extensions and plugins in WordPress allows users to select tools based on their precise SEO needs, aiding in optimizing websites for search engines.


▪️ Professionally Designed 

Shopify offers professionally designed themes for online stores, aiming to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that will help you establish a professional online presence.

▪️ Mobile Responsive Theme

Shopify's themes are mobile responsive, automatically adjusting layouts and content for optimal viewing experience across various devices like smartphones and tablets.

▪️ SSL Encryption

Shopify ensures SSL (Secure sockets layer) encryption, safeguarding sensitive information exchanged between customers and the store. This encryption automatically protects personal and payment data. Shopify's team prioritizes security, ensuring websites are hack-proof and integrating multiple payment gateways for a faster and more secure checkout experience for customers.

▪️ In-house App Store

Shopify hosts numerous plugins and apps, available for purchase or sometimes with free options. These apps automate and streamline business processes, improving speed and efficiency in accounting, inventory management, and shipping.

▪️ Customized Domain

One of the main features of Shopify is the ability to use a custom domain for your online store. This helps you in branding and gives you a customized, professional website that helps you attract and retain customers.

▪️ 24/7 Customer Support

Shopify's millions of users appreciate its rich features, especially efficient customer service. Customers get support through various multiple channels such as large sets of FAQs, email, chat, and much more, ensuring convenient access to assistance.

▪️ Scalability

Shopify is built with keeping scalability in mind, capable of accommodating the growth of online stores. Whether at the initial stage or experiencing rapid expansion, the platform adjusts to varying needs.

The platform is suitable for every type of business and ensures that the online store can handle increased demands and traffic without compromising performance.

We hope you got a clear idea of WordPress Vs Shopify first basis of comparison that was on their features. Now, it's time to explore another basis of comparison!

Let's dive in!

Suitable for Types of Websites and Businesses

It's time to take our blog on WordPressVsShopify to the next basis of comparison that is on the type of business and website. Let's get started:

Types of websites suitable for launching on WordPress

WordPress, initially a blogging tool, has evolved into a versatile platform offering limitless customization options. Let's explore different types of websites suitable for WordPress:


Very few of them know this: WordPress was initially designed for blogging, equipped with categories and tags essential for personal blogs. There are thousands of plugins available that offer valuable features for achieving desired blogging results across various website types.

Business website

As WordPress expanded its capabilities, it became a go-to platform for businesses to create their websites. Offering flexibility, it enables the creation of professional-looking websites where companies can introduce themselves and showcase their products or services.

E-commerce websites

WordPress was not considered a good option when anyone thought of creating an online shopping site. But Woo's introduction, lets users create a full-fledged e-commerce website with installed features such as inventory management, pricing, promotions, taxes, and shipping.

It did not stop here; it kept updating itself by collaborating with automation platforms like SureTriggers. The automation platform helped in sending their customers the message of confirmation, abandoned, change inventory level, and follow-up emails. 

This will result in increasing customer engagement, streamlined operations, and sending follow-up emails.

News websites

WordPress is a perfect solution for news websites, as it led to the development of numerous techniques to make it based on the CMS that is more SEO friendly.

The major advantage that the platform offers is that the post can facilitate text, images, and comment sections, enabling audience feedback and organic engagement.

Name of the famous website 

  • Microsoft news
  • Meta Newsroom
  • Time Magazine
  • Vogue
  • The New York Times Company

Types of Websites Suitable for Launching with Spotify


Shopify has been one of the most favorite platforms for launching their websites, particularly for fashion brands. It allows you to showcase your collection with high-quality images and visually appealing layouts.

Every brand, such as Myntra, Ajio, and H&M, makes sure that they perfectly display clothing lines, accessories, and other items with precision.

With Shopify, you can easily facilitate inventory management, discounts, and orders and ensure that the website is mobile responsive design.


Shopify presents a variety of wellness products, from skincare to fitness equipment. This platform is beneficial for business owners because it allows for the categorization of different types of products according to the concern and skin type.

Moreover, Shopify allows you to share informative blog posts and insights to attract their audience.

E.g. - Types of business include MotherEarth, Pilgrim, Plum, and similar brands that leverage Shopify for their wellness and product showcases.

Food and beverages

The industry whose backbone is advertising needs a strong and flexible website that helps them outshine their products in comparison to their competitors. Shopify helps these brands showcase ingredients, shelf life, pricing, and video content, enabling them to stand out among competitors.

For example - Brands like Yogabar, SleepyOwl, Epigama, and GoliNutrition make sure that their website is built in an optimized manner. 

Home Decor

Today, websites are also curated for showcasing various aesthetics for homes, providing options for a modern or traditional look. They guide users through their offerings, allowing them to explore and purchase items aligning with their home's best interests.

The built-in feature will help you look out for what you actually have to choose and what you need to purchase that's in the best interest of your home.

One of the best qualities is that they have tools that will allow your customer to visualize how their products will look in their house.

For example - Pepperfry, The Decor Kart, Casa Decor, and similar brands like these.

The Bottom line

In the above blog, we concluded that between WordPress Vs Shopify you should go for. We took an in-depth comparison of WordPress and Shopify that will help businesses to take crucial decisions and help them to grow their respective businesses.

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